Should I talk or post online about my criminal case?

This article is more about practical rather than legal advice. It has come to my attention that many people still think the internet is anonymous, or at least pseudo-anonymous. This is not true. Things that you post online or message a friend about can be easily traced back to you. This evidence can then be used against you.

If criminal charges have been alleged against you, do not speak to anyone other than your lawyer about the case. This includes your mother, boyfriend/girlfriend, children, and best friend. You may think to yourself, "these people would never betray me and tell anyone my secrets!", and you are probably right about that, under normal circumstances.

However, in a criminal case they can be forced to testify against you and lying under oath is a criminal offense called perjury. Under 720 ILCS 5/32-2, perjury is listed as a Class 3 felony. If it comes down to them going to jail for lying, rather than just telling the truth, they will almost certainly just tell the truth.

So please do yourself and your attorney a favor and do not speak to anyone or post anything online about your case which could be used against you.

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