Business Services

As a small business owner, you have spent time, energy, and money developing your livelihood; now it's time to protect that business.

There are many different ways of doing business in Illinois and your business needs to be structured in order to protect yourself and your assets.  A consultation with our firm will advise you on the best course of action to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Many small businesses have contract and other legal document needs; such as:

  • articles of incorporation,

  • vendor contracts,

  • compensation agreements,

  • non-disclosures,

  • non-competition,

  • distribution agreements,

  • services agreements

Our firm can assist your business in crafting legal documents specifically tailored to your needs to accomplish your goals.

Business Litigation:

We also are experienced in handling claims against another business entity for breach of contract, failing to pay for goods and/or services, and others; as both the plaintiff making the claim or defending a claim against your business.

We charge very reasonable rates compared to larger firms so that our attorneys are accessible to businesses of all sizes. 


Hourly rates or negotiated flat-fees are available.

Main office: 847-263-7770